Oct 6: Leaving Ireland

We were up early and off to the airport for 6:30 am. Checking our bag was a breeze, as was security. Actually finding the Westjet counter, on the other hand, took a little time but thanks to a couple of employees in the security area, we were able to locate them and drop off our luggage.

A couple of last minute gifts and a not-so-yummy breakfast then we were off to our gate with only a short time to wait before boarding. I didn’t have a travel neck pillow on the flight to Ireland and was sorry for it so I purchased a cute stuffed one for the flight back and am so thankful I did!

The flight was a little over four hours and pretty smooth. I was glad to be flying during the day so I could see the landscape as we flew out of Dublin and into St. John’s.

It was pretty cool seeing Newfoundland (pics above)! We had several hours to wait until our flight to Ottawa and were really feeling the time difference and were certainly ready for a nap.

Flying into Ottawa and seeing the fall colours from the plane was so cool!

We arrived safe and sound and are happy to be home. I picked my fur babies up from their vacation in Barry’s Bay on Saturday and life is now back to normal!

Thanks so much for following along and posting comments to all my photos on Facebook! It’s been a real treat having you along for our journey to Ireland!

What I now know:

I much prefer Ireland’s service industry with no-tipping yet friendly service. The difference between Ottawa and Dublin when it comes to taxi cab drivers and restaurant servers is night and day. I found in Dublin they were kind and friendly naturally, not putting it on expecting a better tip. Whereas in Ottawa, our cabby was friendly until I gave him his fare and a  small tip because that’s all the Canadian money I had on me. The look of disgust on his face and his rudeness was incredible.

Jet lag is a real thing and as hard as I try, 7 pm is as late as I can stay up and 4:30 am I’m wide awake. Hoping that changes soon! 😉



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