Oct 2: Quin, Co. Clare and some cliffs

It was a balmy 17ºC with the sun shinning down on us! We dragged our feet leaving this location; the views were stunning, the location convenient, and the cottage cozy. It truly felt like our home away from home and I think a part of us knew that once we left here, we were turning the corner on our Ireland adventure and our remaining days were coming to an end. But, we needed to get on with it so off we went!

This is for Uncle Steve!

Our next AirBnB was in Quin, County Clare – with our hosts Martin and Ester Murphy – and our plan was to drive through the Burren, stop for a bit, head to the Cliffs of Moher, admire their stunning beauty, then make our way to Quin for the night.

I’m not sure where we got off track. Perhaps we planned too many things; could be the distance was greater than we anticipated, or maybe it was taking our time driving through Killary Harbour once again, or taking so long to leave our seaside cottage! Whatever it was, we didn’t have time to visit the Burren and arrived just in the nick of time to see the Cliffs. The upside is we arrived at 6 pm – which is the visitor centre closing time – so parking was free. The site was open until 7 pm. Funny thing though, the sun was in our eyes the entire drive to the Cliffs and I was looking forward to seeing the Cliffs by sunset, yet when we pulled into the parking lot, the sun disappeared behind clouds. A bit of a bummer, yet the sky was quite magnificent with dark and dreary clouds which lent a mysterious feel to the Cliffs.

Mom, being Mom (afraid of nothing), was almost skipping to the cliffs, eager to jump the fence and sit on the side of the Cliffs with feet dangling down. During our planning phase back home, we watched many YouTube videos of the Cliffs and watched people walk these narrow paths, so close to the side, that my fingers are tingling just writing about it. Yes, I have a bit of vertigo and certain heights make me nervous, and these Cliffs do just that.


But not for Mom! First chance she got, she jumped the fence and was looking over the edge. Despite my warnings, pleadings, and pointing out the danger signs during our ascent. She just laughed it off and did what she wanted. I knew, if the ledge gave way and she plummeted to her death in the raging sea below, she would die a very happy person doing something she’s always wanted to do. Not to mention saving us the cremation costs and having to spread her ashes over the sea, as she’d already be there.

As it turns out, I was the only person to stay behind the line and obey the rules. So…. I climbed the fence too. BUT, I didn’t move to the edge to peer over and I barely took my hands off the fence and after my picture was taken, I quickly fumbled my way back to the safe side.

The Cliffs of Moher are stunning and very beautiful but I felt like I was looking at something I had seen a million times before. Maybe it’s all the commercial hype, all of the photographs and videos posted, I don’t know but there was something missing from the experience.


We stayed for close to an hour with just minutes to spare before they closed-up for the night. And then it was time to find our home for the night. Now our host gave us directions that went something like this: … “when you have been to the Cliffs then you will be heading for Lahinch/Ennistymom/Ennis… and go past the castle and one more mile a row of houses on left ours is the last one a green house.” There was no address, street name, GPS coordinate or phone number given. All I had was his email address. As we were leaving the parking lot we could turn right or left. The names on the signs for both directions did not match the names our host gave us. Oh, what to do, what to do. We turned right. We now know we should have turned left.

Needless to say, we got lost. It’s one thing to drive around looking for a home in the daylight and another thing altogether doing it undercover of darkness. Thank goodness for my iPhone and Google Map, we were able to eventually find our way there and pulled into the driveway around 9 pm. Our host was very worried about us and warmly welcomed us to his home. He put on a pot of tea and offered to make us a sandwich but the tea was all we needed. That and a bed! We had a lovely visit with him and then tucked ourselves in for a comfortable sleep!



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