Sep 28: Louisburgh, Co. Mayo

It was the best of days, it was the quietest of days…

The wind howled all night, blowing down the chimney and rattling the windows. The rain pelted the glass, the sky was dark, cloudy and foggy. When I awoke, the sky was still grey and misty and the wind was still blowing quite a bit. I ran out to the car to get something expecting to get a blast of arctic air in the face but was quite surprised at how balmy it actually was. 16 degrees C. What a surprise!

We had a quiet morning, making do with what limited breakfast supplies we actually had on hand. Thank goodness we had tea and coffee (the essentials!) We’re very fortunate that the house has a washer and dryer as packing light means wearing the same clothes over and over so it’s nice to be able to do laundry here rather than trying to find a laundry mat.

Eventually we meandered into town to pick up a few things. We stopped at the local butcher to buy stewing beef for supper, the local grocery store for other essentials and the local bookstore because that’s just what you do on a rainy warm day!

We had a bit of time trying to get the gas stove to light but eventually with the help of the host’s go-to person, we were able to get it light and Mom made us her yummy beef stew. Could it be called Irish beef stew because it was made in Ireland? We sat at the kitchen table, eating stew with warm Irish soda bread, watching the sun go down on Clare Island. It’s kind of nice that the sun made an appearance just before it slipped down into the Atlantic Ocean for the night!



Cows by the water
By the way, we’re actually staying in Roonith, just a little southwest of Louisburgh.

We’re planning on heading into Westport tomorrow morning. I also want to locate the Mayo Genealogy office so I can get help finding the locations of some of the parishes I have listed. Then we’ll drive around and visit graveyards and what not!

What I now know:

I have no problem seeing a cow in the field and then having beef for supper but the thought of eating lamb…. it’s just wrong! 😉 baaa baaa Lori Annnnn (inside family joke).

When the light switch (on the wall) is in the down position, it’s ON.

Same goes for the arrow on the road – especially in parking lots. The arrow points to you instead of away from you…. somewhat confusing!



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