Sep 21: YOW to YYT to DUB


The flight to St. John’s was great. The plane had several empty seats – including the one between my mom and I – which allowed us to spread out and get comfortable. The seat was comfortable and, although there was no video screen to watch movies, if you had a mobile device with the most recent WestJet app, you could access their free wifi signal to watch selected movies and TV shows.

A strong tailwind resulted in us landing in St. John’s twenty-five minutes earlier but also delayed our flight to Dublin as it was easier for us to hang out in St. John’s a little longer than circling around Dublin airport, or waiting on the tarmac for a docking station to open up.

The flight to Dublin was sold out (read VERY crowded) and for some reason the seats seemed smaller – even though it was the same sized aircraft as the YOW-YYT(?) flight.

It was beautiful watching the sunset reflect on the wing of the plane, but surreal to watch the sunrise only three hours later!

In the dim light of dawn from thousands of feet above I could see the green fields of Kilkenny taking shape and my excitement rose. We’re here. We’re really here!


What I now know:
The one time I put comfort before vanity by going braless to the airport is also the one time I fail the security scan, and the wand scan, and the x-ray scan, and the 2nd x-ray scan and am offered the choice of a body search completed in public or behind the screen. Guess which I chose…

There is absolutely no physical reason for those scanners to pick up anything on my person…which leads me to believe that someone (and I’m not naming names but he’s a guardian angel) was having some fun.


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