Packing Light

Packing light. Huh.

No checked bags. Really?

What a concept. One that is entirely new to me. And to Mom!

I can still see the look of horror and amusement on our room attendant’s face as he watched us struggle to fit our luggage into the tiny cabin aboard our very first cruise. We had two, very large suitcases each. Plus personal bags!

In our defence, it was a 21-day trip from Ottawa to Hawaii, Hawaii to Florida, Florida to the Bahamas and back again and then back to Ottawa. 

Every trip we’ve been on, including our road trips, ends with: I think we packed too much. Most of the time we don’t even wear half of what we packed.!

This time though, we have decided to pack light. What does packing light really mean?

This will be my luggage. A carry-on and personal bag

It means we will not be checking any baggage. We will have one carry-on and one personal item. That’s it. 

It means we are actually weighing clothes and other items to ensure they are as light as possible. 

It means we are carefully considering what we will bring with us. It means buying lighter weight clothes and dressing in layers. It means Mom is trying out a new hairdo so she can leave the hairdryer and curling iron at home. (Not sure if AirBnB’s provide hairdryers.) it means I’m carefully planning which camera, lenses and electronics come with me. 

Much thought and consideration are going into planning this trip and I can hardly wait to see how I pack everything I want (and need) into those two cases. 

Stay tuned!



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